The age and condition of the transmission line infrastructure are directly affecting our area's power system. The most recent outages are proof of that.

As frustrating as it is to every one of our members, it is to me as a member myself and as the General Manager.  NORA staff is answering your calls, getting out there, and working quickly, diligently, and safely to get the power restored as soon as possible, regardless of weather conditions.

The Cooperative was incorporated in 1949. Transmission poles are 75 years old and in need of replacement and infrastructure upgrades.  NORA has been fortunate to have never suffered a catastrophic issue on the system, but time has caught up with us. The new transmission line rebuild project was started prior to COVID but with the pandemic, it has been delayed. The rebuild of 10.5 miles from Canjilon State Road 115 to the Spills was chosen because of the long spans between lines and was determined to be of the highest priority.

The new transmission line was to be transitioned over the beginning part of December 2021 which would have taken approximately 10 hours. Taking into consideration the winter conditions and hardship on our consumers, this transition was postponed until spring. The outages in December and January were in the rebuild area due to the unusually high winds and heavy snow. These conditions cause the lines to slap together, resulting in an outage. This is not due to management, past or present.

I plan to continue to work on the infrastructure to replace and upgrade in stages to provide reliable service to all the NORA consumers.  We are a Cooperative; we are member-owned and our revenue and ability to update our system are based on our consumers.

Please be patient when calling in outages.  The on-call lineman is taking the initial call.  One line for all who are calling in.  The calls are then transferred to the office where office staff answers up to five incoming phone lines.  Please know that the phones are working, but due to volume, may not be answered.  We will continue to work on social media blasts to get information out and improve communication to all we serve.


Thank you,

Anthony J. Mercure

General Manager


Northern Rio Arriba Electric Cooperative is dedicated to providing courteous and reliable service to all users, at the lowest rates consistent with sound financial management.

Statistical Information

  • Date Incorporated: August 17, 1948
  • Date Energized: November 1949
  • Consumers Served: 3,100
  • New Mexico Project: 15
  • Counties Served: Rio Arriba


  • Annual Meeting Date: 4th Monday of September
  • Board Meeting: 4th Tuesday of the Month