NOVEMBER 28, 2015   



Your bill contains the necessary information to help the utility accurately account for your consumption and payment history. Please contact the utility's customer representative if there are any questions about your bill. Bills contain the following information: (410.12)

  1. Billing period--dates during which service was used.
  2. Present and previous meter readings and total usage.
  3. Whether the meter was read or estimated.
  4. Base charge for services--minimum charge to provide service.
  5. Energy charge--associated with production, transmission and distribution.
  6. Fuel adjustment or purchased gas adjustment--variations in the cost of fuel purchased by utility.
  7. Amount of New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax.
  8. Past due amount--if applicable.
  9. Date the payment is due before becoming delinquent.



Occasionally, a utility meter reader may not be able to obtain a reading from your meter (because of bad weather, dogs, etc.) In these instances, your usage for that particular month will be estimated. Estimated bills should be clearly marked and estimated readings are permitted for no more than two (2) consecutive months unless you agree to have them estimated for a longer time period or unless the Public Service Commission is notified first. Also, a first or last bill cannot be estimated. Of course, any difference between your actual and estimated usage will be corrected in the next normal reading and your bill will be adjusted up or down as necessary. (410.15(a-f))



Your bill is considered paid when the utility receives payment at a field office, main office, post office box, or other addresses which are designated by the utility to receive payments (local banks, etc.). If you have received a disconnect notice you must contact the utility and inform them of the payment. This may avoid having your service shut off. (410.13)


Note: The processing of payments are handled through a third party vendor – SEDC. A convenience fee applies for this service. If this is your first time please contact us to get your password.


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